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Billy the whizz

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Billy the whizz

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Character history[ edit ] Concept and creation[ edit ] The strip was originated by Malcolm Judgewho had ly drawn Colonel Crackpot's Circus, [1] and would go on to create several more popular strips, including Ball BoyThe Numskulls and The Badd L.

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Parkins acted as the main artist in this time, but Trevor Metcalfe and Vic Neill also drew occasional strips for the next few years; [2] all three artists used a broadly similar de for Billy, but Metcalfe and Neill's strips featured a much more happy-go-lucky version of Billy. His right leg is longer, being amputated below the knee, and this longer stump enables him to drive modified cars.

Character history[ edit ] Concept and creation[ edit ] The strip was originated by Malcolm Billy the whizzwho had ly drawn Colonel Crackpot's Circus, [1] and would go on to create several more popular strips, including Billy the whizz BoyThe Numskulls and The Badd L. Barrie Appleby draws the strip for the next few weeks, before Steve Horrocks takes over.

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A more dynamic change came billy the whizz the early s when he began to wear a black tracksuit marked with a lightning bolt. Personality traits[ edit ] Billy is known not to be quite as mischievous as the other Beano characters and often does not go out of his way to harm or annoy others. He was voiced by Jonathan Kydd. He remained with the team for the season. After Vic Neill became artist, the two hairs morphed into a lightning flash, with no explanation given for this in the comic.

The strip then reverted to being reprints for the following year, mostly of Vic Neill's, with one Graeme Hall reprint in October Billy initially wore ordinary shoes but around the same time as the tracksuit was introduced he started to wear trainers, which are usually worn out very quickly by whizzspeed running, and as a billy the whizz often have holes in the soles.

His kind nature and good heart is occasionally taken advantage of billy the whizz other Beano characters, especially that of Roger the Dodger and Dennis the Menace, as for example in one strip he agreed to carry Roger's dodge books so he could slow down.

Timeline[ edit ] 16 May Billy Whizz debuts in the comic. He continued to draw the strip until his death in Januaryand Graeme Hall took it up afterwards.

Inwriting duties for the strip were taken over by Andy Fanton and Danny Pearson. However, due to his commitments with Jak for the Dandy, the strip was understudied again by Tne Metcalfe, who, aided with a Wacom billy the whizz, drew the strip in a mixture of his own and Thompson's style.

In a late s strip, Billy's dad sends him out to buy a new pair of trousers, supposedly to slow Billy hwizz, but as he buys a pair of tracksuit bottoms this doesn't happen, though from whixz point Billy wore those trousers. Judge's style billy the whizz to be typified by a wide variety of styles in which Billy's speed was depicted, including trails of dust, motion blur, multiple copies of Billy in a panel, and more besides.

From the following week's issue, Billy's strip became reprint.

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In some issues of the billy the whizz in the autumn ofBilly appeared as the first strip in the comic — this slot is usually reserved for Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. Thompson did another revamp of the strip, creating a version of Billy that was based on Malcolm Judge's work and to a lesser extent, David Parkins' de of Billyand gave a new life to the character and feel of the strip. Issue No. Career[ edit ] Monger first got behind the wheel of a vehicle at the age of three, when his father, a former kart racer, bought him his first go-kart.

However, he does seem to have a fairly short temper, as in the Beano Book he exploded into a rage after he found out Alfie had a glass of ice during a race. Physical appearance[ edit ] When the strip began, Billy whziz wore a T-shirt and black shorts. This billy the whizz explained in a story where Billy's dad tells him to buy some trousers, in the hope that they will slow him down, but Billy chooses some tracksuit bottoms which don't slow him down.

Billy monger | billywhizz double amputee british racing driver

In the Beano Annual, it is revealed that the reason why Billy, plus Dad and Alfie, always have this style is because they always get thrown out of the barber's before the last billy the whizz hairs can be shaved off. From the first strip, Billy sported a shaved hair cut with two long, antennae-like hairs sticking out at the top. wwhizz

This run of reprints continued for the next year including a few early Trevor Metcalfe and Vic Neill strips along the way until the comic's 70th anniversary issue, when Barrie Appleby returned to provide a new strip this time drawn in his own style, as opposed to his s work which followed Malcolm Judge's style. Tom Paterson again drew Billy in the annual, while Nigel Parkinson drew his strip in the annual, in the style of Vic Neill.

He has been known to be rather impatient, hwizz able to sit still even for a film. Horrocks continued billy the whizz artist until latewhen he was succeeded by Beano newcomer David Parkins[2] who began a major overhaul of the strip, making the effects of Billy's speed more destructive billy the whizz his surroundings, giving him a more laid-back attitude, and later introducing a rather alien-looking tracksuit.

The whizz quiz - what do you know about billy whizz, the world's fastest boy?

Judge drew every bilyl Billy Whizz strip until the mids, when other artists, including Barrie Appleby and Graeme Hill, [2] began providing occasional fill-in strips, though Judge still drew the vast majority of the strips from the conception to Instead, it was decided that the strip would be given a stay of billy the whizz, albeit under a new artist. Any trouble he causes is usually by accident, though this happens quite often due to Billy's whizzspeed. Metcalfe later drew the bolly full-time, gradually bringing the strip's artwork more in line with his early s work, until his sudden departure from the comic inafter which the Beano started running re-prints of the strips drawn by David Parkins.

Theme parks[ edit ] Billy had his own ride at Chessington World of Adventuresa flying chair ride titled Billy's Whizzerfrom the opening of Beanoland whuzz until it was refurbished into Wild Asia in A reshuffle whizzz the Beano's artists bikly with the comic's move to all-colour printing saw Parkins leave the strip inand Neill became the main artist, upon which he began further tweaking Billy's appearance, the most notable change being that the two long billy the whizz he had always been drawn with were turned into a thunderbolt.

On 16 AprilMonger was involved in a high-speed crash at the Donington race where he crashed at high speed into the back of Finnish driver Patrik Pasma ; as a result he had both his legs amputated. It has been revealed in some strips that Billy's hair is blond should it grow to full length.

In NovemberWilbur Dawbarn took over as artist, returning the strip to its original style and removing Billy's tracksuit and bringing back the shorts and red T-shirt. Later artists tended to use a single, specific billyy device to represent Billy's whizzing.

Billy whizz

Wayne Thompson took over from the following month. When depicted in colour, originally all the non-black areas of the tracksuit were in yellow, though soon all but the lightning flash was in red, and later the lightning flash turned red itself. This hairstyle was bikly by Graeme Hall, but was later reverted to the original two hairs once Wayne Thompson took over.