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Granny lesbian stories

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Granny lesbian stories

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Molly was slightly disappointed and picked up her clothes and walked back inside her own home.

She saw her coming and smiled to herself; time to put her plan into action. Jane had a relaxing bath, putting sweet smelling bath gels and salts in. I have sort of railroaded your daughter Molly help me with a few chores. I walk in I see u watching me.

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She waited impatiently for to come around, the time when Molly usually came home from school. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories. Yes, nothing too strenuous. I bet you would.

I see you getting excited,your hand,s quivering ,your tongue stick,s out,you fuckin old lesbian pig,your dreaming off pushing ur tongue into my ass hole stoeies licking all my brown sugar out and swallowing it. It was like a dream to her, a dream she'd had for quite a while. Fuck yes.

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Granny Jane pulled off her bikini top, leaving her completely naked. She had dark eyes sfories a beautiful doll-like face; in short, she was gorgeous.

Jane lay back on the bed panting, her belly heaving slowly. You lick your lip,s.

Molly latched onto one of the breasts, sucking the nipple and half the breast into her mouth. Her children were the children of the neighbourhood, many of whom she had watched grow up.

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Molly watched in fascination, peeling off her skirt and blouse slowly. I,m smiling as I walk to work,all my cum juice,s are leaking into my panty,s.

I get up and walk over to you,your hand,s are covering the front of your pant,s. I see you start to jerk your leg,s,as you rock back and forth,your cummming in your fuckin panty,s. I can see how wet you are.

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She heard young Molly whimper, making her smile. I,m in my little school girl uniform,my short skirt showing my young tender leg,s,and cute ass. Molly looked up at Jane as Jane dialed a.

Molly lapped and sucked hard on the wet pussy in front of her, enjoying the taste and the power she seemed to have over Jane. Touching and playing with her young body, exploring her sexuality.

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Even the women her own age called her Granny Jane, a title she seemed to like. Molly started to groan and whimper, her panties already soaked through. I bet you will love eating my pussy. You look up ward,I know your thinking,if her pussy tasted this good,her tight little ass hole,must taste even better. Molly grannj, granny lesbian stories at the woman in front of her.

She was trying to be as quiet as possible as she watched the older woman playing with herself. You filthy dirty whore slut. She then went to the local coffee shop and drank a coffee.

Your a dirty fuckin pig. Jane picked up her phone from her bedside table.

She was a picture of beauty and looked a lot younger than her actual age. It turned me on a lot to know you were watching. She wanted Molly and knew how she was going to get her.

Jane stood up and took Molly by the hand and leading her over to the bed. Jane's body started to rock slowly as she instructed the younger woman what franny do.