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Nigel benn vs gerald mcclellan documentary

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Nigel benn vs gerald mcclellan documentary

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 November Verified Purchase Overall I don't think that this documentary delivers on the premise of exploring the dramatic fight and fall-out between McClellan and Benn. It very swiftly moves past the fight and he straight to the difficulties that McClellan and his family now face. However, it is very difficult not to be moved by Gerald's great sense of humor, nigel benn vs gerald mcclellan documentary very real moment with Nigel Benn, and most of all by McClellan's sister Lisa who arguably has more fight in her than any boxer who steps into the ring. It may not be the next Senna, but it turns out that this is a very meaningful documentary which at just 48 minutes is well worth a watch.

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To cut to the chase, McClellan had no quit in him.

Gerald Nigel benn vs gerald mcclellan documentary was a heavy-handed two-time world champion and was the big favourite to blast out Nigel Benn and wrench away his WBC super middleweight world title. The former world champion can walk now without assistance but will forever remain in the realm of the darkest place because of the severe injuries he sustained that documentaru in London. John Sutcliffe performed life-saving surgery on him and removed a blood clot from his brain. In its base form these gladiators embody the daring which enabled mankind to cross oceans, climb mountains, walk on the moon The American collapsed in his corner afterwards and had to be rushed to a hospital in London In the ninth, Benn missed with a swinging right hand and fell forward, causing him to accidentally headbutt McClellan.

Eubank, who prefers a blander diet of opponent, was not at ringside. There was a mile between him and anyone else", [39] and shortly before the 20th anniversary, said the fight was a "career highlight".

To cast the likes of McClellan and Benn as hungry victims of vile exploitation is as outdated as the cheapest of the old black-and-white boxing movies. The migel traded heavy shots in a bruising clash for the WBC super middleweight world title The referee that night, Alfred Asaro, was officiating in just his second world title fight.

That would also be the last time he would ever be totally compos mentis. ificantly, the surgeon whose swift incisions have given McClellan his chances of survival and a normal life declines to add his voice to the ban-boxing lobby. They were contesting a world championship by name - the Henn super-middleweight title - but declaring their pride and manhood by nature. And at the greald, both warriors were carted off to hospital.

He had done the calculations and he was fighting.

Both were millionaires before this weekend. If it wasn't apparent before how dangerous the man in front of him was, it certainly was now. Despite McClellan visibly appearing distressed, his punches still carried force. There was a huge buzz around the fight on both sides of the Atlantic and 13 million people tuned in to watch it. In the moments after the fight was waved off, McClellan walked back to his corner and collapsed.

Nigel benn vs. gerald mcclellan - wikipedia

Emanuel Steward, who was ditched by McClellan after he decided to become his own boss, said: 'Going into the fight, I understand that it was total chaos for the whole two weeks he was in London. It was apparent that McClellan was blinking his eyes incessantly as well as involuntarily. But Bruno and Lewis, Cooper and McGuigan were there along with Watson and Warren, all punching the air in unashamed lust for Benn's achievement of the seemingly impossible.

That was his privilege this Saturday night.

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Those who had placed bets on an early McClellan knockout were already counting their money. Benn took control of the middle rounds but was still trailing on the judges' scorecards. McClellan, who at the time was the WBC middleweight champion, was making his first foray at super middleweight.

For the extended version of the documentary go here. McClellan put Benn down for a second time in the eighth round but again the home fighter dug deep and regained his feet. McClellan, like the Englishman with whom he embraced death in perhaps the greatest fight ever witnessed in the British ring, belongs to docunentary race of fistic warriors who believe that the only way to lose is to be carried out on their shields.

The bad blood and resentment between Benn and McClellan's family festered for years but has since been resolved. If only.

It took every spectator on a journey to hell. In the years following their world title clash, Benn's life descended into chaos as the consequences of that night began to take its toll.

Fallen soldier

After the fight, there was lingering animosity and a general feeling this tragedy could have been avoided. As Benn didn't actually drop off the apron, regulations state that he should have only been given a 10 count as opposed dlcumentary the 20 seconds he would have had to recover if he had have fallen out of the ring. Was he suitable for the scale of such a fight? You got what you wanted mvclellan see. Some ringside observers and most of those in attendance came to the conclusion that McClellan had quit.

Not since the Marquis of Queensberry framed his rules for civilised documetnary years ago has boxing been so prepared to render humane assistance to the men who take its highest of sporting risks. McClellan and Benn are not victims but heroes. Then it suddenly clicked.

docummentary Although it was curtailed by the anxiety which then emanated from McClellan's slump into his corner - and even though Benn himself is traumatised by his opponent's plight - it ought not to be contaminated by feelings of guilt. He became a devout Christian after that traumatic experience and set up a fund raiser for McClellan in the capital.

The full tragic tale of nigel benn and gerald mcclellan's brutal fight 25 years on

Twice more in the 10th he fell to his knees, as much the victim of the affliction within his brain as of the right-hand punches for which Benn had found the strength from somewhere. It became a game of pointing fingers. The sheer, raw, primitive instinct which brought Benn back through the ropes between which he was bludgeoned in the first nigel benn vs gerald mcclellan documentary, carried him on through hellish punishment, then documentayr him up off the canvas to which he was battered in the eighth round, has nothing to do with the money, greed and corruption with which boxing is so often associated.

Still, there was worse to come. To simply describe it as a fight would be as insufficient as labelling The Pyramids a structure, or the Internet an invention. The British Boxing Board of Documetnary maintain that to outlaw pugilism would serve only to drive it underground, to a dark place where none of their safeguards exist.