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What was in compos matchbox

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What was in compos matchbox

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It is in a display case, open just a bit - but not enough to be able to see what is in it! But according to Bill Owen's son that is not the real one - which was buried with Bill.

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His right wing political views contrasted to Compo's left wing views, in real life Bill Owen's and Michael Bates's political views were similar to their onscreen characters and in turn both conflicted.

Compo & nora with matchbox colour image - last of the summer wine gift shop

In the end, she committed suicide. He thought that introducing a son would be a neat solution to filling Compo's famously turned-down wellington boots. Money[ edit ] Compo was always broke. Even if we can never fully know for sure the truth of the matchbox I think it is a great gag that they put in the show. wnat

Compo's matchbox

Later years[ edit ] "The joy of Bill Owen's Compo is not what he does with the words but where he cmopos the character beyond what's in the script. So the shop take it back so frequently that he leaves his door unlocked so they can take it whenever necessary. It's an expensive show to make. Coach parties welcome:please for advance bookings. The main display room is a real treasure trove of Summer Wine memories, appealing not only to dedicated Summer Wine fans but just about anyone, and all age groups.

Compo simmonite - wikipedia

He died soon after his arrival. It had taken him many decades to talk to me like that and it felt strange because he'd never shared any intimacies with me.

She and Ivy sit up for the rest of the night, reminiscing about his various exploits. She was sitting in the canteen one day, unaware matchgox Bill was behind her at the next table. The one where Compo has to deliver a message to Marina at the store. But they weren't telling the truth because they've already decided it's not coming back.

There is an incredible range of photographs and display information capturing the many characters and situations from the show - and even the world famous matchbox which used to scare the more-sensitive cast-members with one quick glimpse of the contents. Clegg is disappointed at not being able to say goodbye, and Truly Frank Thornton arranges for men in white painter's overalls to stand in a formation saying 'See Ya, Compo' on the opposite hill.

It just stops. He can't pay his television rental. When Nora and Ivy goes to visit Compo before his funeral in the Chapel Of Rest, Nora is horrified that he still has the smile on his face much to Ivy's amusement.

What is in compo's matchbox?

Also, mtachbox no swearing and no smut, so grandad and grandson can watch it together. But that wasn't his way except in Holmfirth. I have to be. His wife, Vera, was one of those people who was a good shoulder to cry on and I remember pouring my heart out to her.

Although Ivy rejected his advances, her lumbering, coarse husband Sid John Comer doesn't try to stop him as he knows Compo doesn't mean anything by it. But somehow it survived. There was no real bond between us.

My father would have been hopping mad, although I daresay he wouldn't have expressed it quite like that. In one episode, Foggy states that Compo owes him money [13] and in the episode Compo was buried, Truly remarks that he still owed him two quid and questioned Clegg if the money was in the letter he sent to him.

He was desperately in love with her but from afar. I can try to find another link if need be. There was also a sugar pourer on the table, so I don't think it was that either.

Knowing him as I did, I think he would have thought I was matchbkx on his territory. He was a superb comedy actor who went on to make more than 60 films. The bath fell off the cart and crashed into a loose drain pipe which soaked Compo.

Referring whar the break-up of his parents' marriage, Tom says: 'I found that hard. Afterwards, he muttered something like, "Well done, son," but that was it. There is a staircase with a handrail and there are 8 steps from the shop to the first room of the exhibition. During Foggy's first stint Compo frequently argued with him in a similar manner.

I'm certain he loved his grandsons sons but he either couldn't or wouldn't get close to them.

What is in compo's matchbox? | yahoo answers

Although he married soon after the war, almost thirty years later he is still in an argument with the thirty- bob tailor who made his wedding suit. He doesn't hesitate. Said Compo in one episode " I'm just goin' to get me 'ead bashed with a tray" Ivy sometimes appreciates Compo's advances and, when he is not in the room, smiling superiorly.

He also wrote the book and lyrics for the stage musical The Matchgirls. Not once. Mind you, Edith could be very dismissive of matchbx.